104.1 FM Exclusive With Rev. Marvin Sapp

The gospel singer set the record straight regarding relationship rumors

D.C.’s Praise 104.1 FM had a very special, multi-talented guest on its Friday morning program.

The Rev. Marvin Sapp stopped by the studio for an exclusive interview with radio personality Cheryl Jackson and discussed his new album, among other things.

The 45-year-old Michigan native grew up singing in a number of gospel groups and has already recorded seven albums.

He says his new album is about being a winner and what it means to him. “Being a winner isn’t about when you cross the finish line, but how you cross it,” said Sapp.

He had three beautiful children with his wife MaLinda Sapp, a professor and psychologist. Tragically, Mrs. Sapp lost her life in 2010 due to complications from colon cancer.

The widower says that right now, he’s focused on his music and on exploring and enjoying life.

Cheryl Jackson asked Sapp about the rumor he’s been dating "Basketball Wives" star Imani Showalter. He said, “I tell people all the time, my personal business is my personal business and she is my friend. She’s definitely beautiful, she’s gorgeous but we’re not dating. But we are friends and that’s all I got to say.”

When asked about what he wants out of this album, the gospel singer replied, “All of these songs are geared to charge the believer, charge the listener to understand that you know, no matter how bad it looks, it is only as bad as you think it is. But when you change the way you think about it, that’s when your situation will change.”

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