Oscar Winners Leaked?

LOS ANGELES -- It's Oscar season, which means rumors, speculation, apparent leaks and misinformation are all the rage. For those of you looking for your prognostication fix, we present a leaked list of this year's Academy Award winners.

Yes, it's probably fake. Check that. It is fake. It's got to be fake.

But maybe... just maybe, it's legit.

Is it a publicity stunt? An internet Punk'd? As part of its legitimacy / smoke screen, the list honors Amy Adams with the Best Supporting Actress award. No offense to Miss Adams, but she's not exactly the safe bet.

Is Adams' award a left-field play meant to throw us off the trail? Or does it make the list just so crazy, it may actual be the real deal? Either way, we don't care. It's Oscar season. We live for every tidbit the Interwebs will give us. We'll take the questions and speculation and see who's right on Sunday night.

Cinematical: Oscar Winners Leaked?

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