News4 Helps Virginia Woman Get Refunds for Phone Lines, Oven

A Virginia woman turned to NBC4 Responds for help with two problems she said she couldn’t solve through customer service.

During a recent visit to a T-Mobile store to add a line for daughter, Jacinta Gomes said she learned she’d been overbilled for almost two years.

“The salesperson said, ‘Well, if you add her, then it will be five lines,” she said. “So, I said, ‘Five?’”

She said she was told she added two new lines to her account on Thanksgiving Day two years ago at $20 per month for each line.

“Who authorized you to do that?” she asked. “If I'm supposed to give you my information, signed, and my Social Security number, how did you, how did that happen?”

After NBC4 Responds reached out, T-Mobile refunded Gomes $240 for the lines she never used, but T-Mobile never explained what happened.

Gomes also had trouble with her oven recently.

“When I touched the handle of it, the handle was, like, super hot,” she said. “I couldn't touch it with my hand.”

She said she had the oven serviced by a technician as recommended by Whirlpool.

Whirlpool said the equipment was operating as it was designed.

"No flaw was found by the technician,” Whirlpool told NBC4 Responds in a statement. “We stand behind our products."

But after taking another look at the complaint, Whirlpool offered to refund Gomes 90 percent of the purchase price, which she’ll use to buy a new oven.

Reported by Susan Hogan, produced by Meredith Royster and edited by Perkins Broussard.

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