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The prez-elect's "pec-tacular" is captured in photos

Dozens of photos of a buff and bare-chested Barack Obama surfaced on the web Monday -- showcasing the President-elect's hunkier side as he and his family sunned themselves at their seaside retreat in Hawaii.

A toned Obama is photographed  shirtless, wearing black shorts and dark sunglasses. Michelle was photographed wearing a black one-piece with a beach towel around her waist. Seven-year-old Sasha is pictured in a blue bikini.

The photos of the future First Family surfaced online Monday despite a press ban by the Secret Service from approaching the President-elect's rented beachfront digs, The Washington Post reported.

A Hawaiian-shirt clad photographer strolling down the white-sand beach in Kailua near the First Family's 9 million vacation rental home caught a glimpse of the Prez-elect and his family about 200 feet away and began shooting photos of the Obamas with a long lens, the Washington Post reported.

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California-based agency Bauer-Griffin took credit for the photos and posted them to their website. Check them out here. The agency refused to name the shutterbug but told the Post that the shooter had "tacit approval" to take the photos.

"There was tacit approval that he was able to shot what he could shoot. It's a public beach," agency co-owner Frank Griffin told the paper. "The guy just walked along there. He had a camera in his hand. He wasn't hiding behind the bushes. He took some pictures. Everybody saw him. And then he walked off. It was as simple as that."

The 37 images were released by the agency to The Huffington Post, and, Politico reported.

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