Maureen McCormick Talks Past Drug Use & Dating Michael Jackson

Maureen McCormick was the idol of thousands of teenage girls in the ‘70s as Marcia Brady. But though she portrayed the squeaky clean beauty on the family comedy, her real life has been filled with drama.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood’sBilly Bush, Maureen addressed a host of rumors, including one suggesting she had a fling with her “Brady” sister and dating Michael Jackson.

But first, she tackled her past drug use.

“I was so addicted to cocaine,” Maureen told Billy. “I was so addicted to it, it nearly destroyed me.”

Maureen has revealed all in a new memoir, “Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice,” which hit store shelves today. But in Billy’s interview, she talked about the dark past she hid for years.

“Early on, it was uppers. Then it was cocaine. Then it was freebasing,” she said. “It was bulimia, then a really heavy depression.”

“You traded sex for drugs. Was it just dating guys that had drugs so you could just — you knew what they wanted?” Billy asked.

“Yeah. And I wanted what they had,” Maureen replied.

“Is there anything you’re not sharing in the book?” Billy asked. “Any of them ever abuse you or anything like that?”

“I was photographed by one person,” Maureen admitted. “Naked. I was so desperate that I let him put me on tape.”

“Where are [the tapes]?” Billy asked.

“I have no idea,” Maureen said.

Maureen was in her early twenties during her drug fueled days. And it was during that time that she went out on a date with comedian Steve Martin.

“I was totally obliterated out of my life,” Maureen told Billy, confirming she was on cocaine when she dated the former “Saturday Night Live” star. “He must have thought I was crazy.”

And perhaps, that’s why the two only ever had one evening out.

“I’m sure we kissed goodnight and that was really sweet,” she said. “That was the only date and I understand why it was the only date if I was totally crazed out of my mind.”

But Steve wasn’t Maureen’s only celebrity date. When she was 16, Maureen went out with 14-year-old Michael Jackson.

“We’d go ice skating together and we’d hold hands,” she said. “He kissed me on the cheek. We never really kissed… I was definitely interested in him, but I think with him it was more that we were friends.”

The one relationship Maureen has been quizzed about over the years though was a rumored romance with one of her “Brady” sisters.

“One thing people want to know –[did you] ever have an affair with Eve Plumb who played Jan Brady on the show?” Billy asked.

“No,” Maureen said.

“But you said once in a talk show that something happened, ‘I kissed Eve,’” Billy noted.

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