Madonna's Lawyer: No Law in Malawi Can Stop Adoption

The hearing is set for Friday

Madonna's lawyer, Alan Chinula, is so confident that the star's adoption of another Malawian child will go through that he is not losing any sleep over it.

Chinula believes Madonna, 50, will be granted the adoption of a 4-year-old girl named Chifundo "Mercy" James, reports Us Magazine. The hearing is scheduled for this Friday in Malawi and Madonna does not have to attend the hearing, according to her lawyer.

On Tuesday, a rep for the singer confirmed that she was trying to adopt the little girl whose 18-year-old unwed mother died shortly after the birth. The baby went into the uncle's custody who has signed off on the adoption papers and Madonna has counter-signed them, according to Chinula.

Outrage has poured in from many groups on the adoption. Some of the accusations they have been thrown at the "Material Girl" include charges that she is bending the adoption laws in the country by using her fame, wealth, and status. This stems from Madonna's first adoption in 2006 when critics said she did not follow the mandatory laws that require parents to go through an 18-24 month assessment before she took custody of David Banda.

Chinula calls the law "archaic" because it's over 50 years old. "Laws must be dynamic," he told Us. "They must move with current trends.

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