Let It All Go to Your Head

A handstand workshop at Lululemon gets things off the ground.

You've always been an overachiever. You read the most books in the sixth grade reading contest (nerd!), you checked out language DVDs before going on spring break to Cancun; you even change your own oil because you made your friend's boyfriend teach you how.

So we understand why you like to sneak peeks at other people during your yoga classes. Yeah, it's supposed to be all individualized and "where you're at right now" (pshaw). But you just need to know how other people measure up to you, huh?

And in those advanced classes, you feel like hanging your head in shame. OK, OK, stop beating yourself up about it. But you're not going to learn a handstand just by showing up to a regular class. At least... Not a regular yoga class. Haul your overachieving, Type-A butt into a handstand workshop at the Lululemon in Logan Circle (1461 P St. N.W.) This free workshop -- Feb. 25 from 8-9 p.m. -- is totally free. Says trainer Jim B.:  "There is something for every skill level here. Start off with a headstand, learn the basics of a handstand, and maybe even work towards a one-arm handstand."

 The workshop's informal, so you can show up anytime between 8 and 9 p.m. Although we would expect you Type A's to be there right on time. (Of course.)

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