Jets, Giants Fans Should Learn from Cubs, Sox Fans

New York is abuzz over the Jets and the Giants, as they well should be. Both lead their divisions, and the Giants, at 10-1, share the best record in football with the Tennessee Titans. New York fans, I understand that you might want to start making Super Bowl plans. You may have started to needle your friends about their team, and make bold proclamations like "the Giants are going to WIN IT ALL -- AGAIN." The New York Daily News has even gotten in on the act, previewing a Super Bowl that is still more than two months a way. New Yorkers, if you want your team to continue down its winning path, I beg you, resist the urge to hop on Orbitz to buy those tickets for Tampa Bay.

Trust me. Why? Because I'm a Chicago baseball fan.

When the Cubs and White Sox were on a hot streak, we did everything you are doing now. As a Cubs fan, I told every Sox fan  I knew that the Cubs were going to take it all. I figured out my plans for the day of the Cubs' championship parade. I planned my outfit for the next party at the home of my Sox-loving friend. I budgeted to buy every piece of World Champions apparel possible. The Cubs and the Sox were destined to play each other in the World Series, and nothing was going to stop either team.

Then this happened. And that happened. Within the space of one week, Chicago's dreams of a Red Line World Series were dashed.

Football is an even less predictable game than baseball. Giants fans, you only need to look to your Super Bowl opponent from last year, the New England Patriots, to see this. Less than a year ago, they were undefeated, locks to win the Super Bowl and led by the Dreamboat himself, Tom Brady. Now, the Patriots are without their perfect season and Brady is sitting on a couch, waiting to heal from injury. Injuries, suspensions and who knows what else may still befall the good teams of New York. I urge you, New York fans, temper your love for your team with humility and cautiousness.

Otherwise, you might end up eating more crow than you thought was humanly possible.

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