Interview with See Spot Run

The DC Scene interviewed See Spot Run, a Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec consisting of Chris Brodbeck, Aaron Little, Dave Fudge, and Randy Bowen.

Their hit single "Weightless" from their second album, also titled Weightless, reached #9 on the BDS rock chart, #6 on the top 40 chart, and #5 on the all Canadian chart. This same album made Canadian recording history, as the title track was certified as "the highest charted independant song on the rock chart since the inception of BDS".

DC Scene: So it's been a while since you guys put out an album, what have you been up to?
Chris Brodbeck: A lot of time was wasted in legal battles with our previous record labels. After things were sorted out we started to write new material for our third full-length release. With Ed Krautner (Sum 41) signed on as producer, we started to record last year and are very excited to announce our new CD "Gonna Getcha" will be released on August 24.

DC Scene: With Weightless (your last album) being so successful on the Canadian charts (#9 on the rock chart, #6 on the Top 40 chart, and the title track being certified as the highest charted independent song in Canadian history), do you feel any pressure with your new record?
Chris Brodbeck: No pressure at all! We feel with every album we record, and this one is no exception, it only gets better. We grow as songwriters and as recording artists and the journey continues with this new CD. Did I mention how excited we are?

DC Scene: How does your new record compare to your previous two?
Chris Brodbeck: We've grown as songwriters and we keep learning how to make better records. This album captures where we find ourselves today and how we've struggled to get this new collection of songs recorded and released. Oh, and it rocks a little harder too.

DC Scene: Being originally from Michigan, I've been fortunate to be introduced to some great Canadian bands. The surprising thing is that further into the States, many of these bands are unheard of. Why is that and what makes it so hard to break into the music scene in the U.S.?
Chris Brodbeck: It takes a great deal of resources to make a dent in the American market. Most Canadian acts, whether independent or signed, find it difficult to get the kind of exposure necessary to find an audience in he US. Fortunately, the internet world gives hope to more Canadian bands in their quest to be heard.

DC Scene: Is the television network Much Music supportive of Canadian music?
Chris Brodbeck: They have always been supportive of Canadian music, but there isn't much music being played on Much Music these days. Music television has had to face many changes to keep there audience and with the advent of the online social networks and 'Youtube', it's getting harder for them to support any music at all let alone Canadian.

DC Scene: A few years ago you guys played the Big Kiss in Sarnia, Ontario (I happened to be there). At the time, it set the Guinness Book of World Records as the most couples kissing at one time. Does that record still stand?
Chris Brodbeck: We were just in Sarnia and we were informed that the record no longer stands... but we're up for trying again!

DC Scene: After the release of your new record, what do your tour plans consist of?
Chris Brodbeck: Actually, we have already started touring in advance of the new album ( and in support of our first single "Gonna Getcha" which is currently being played on over 30 stations in Canada. We intend to continue touring through Canada and hopefully start to push south into the U.S.

DC Scene: Any chance your fans in D.C. will get a chance to see you out here?
Chris Brodbeck: Lets do it! We'd love to play in D.C. Who wants to See Spot Run in D.C.?

DC Scene: Thanks Chris. Hopefully we will see you soon in the District.

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