“I Fear for My Safety”: Tyra Takes Stand

Model-turned-TV star testifies at stalker trial in Manhattan

Supermodel-turned-TV personality Tyra Banks stared down the man charged with stalking her across the country and testified against him before a rapt courtroom, in a confrontation made necessary by his refusal to accept a plea deal.

"I don't fear for my life," Banks said in Manhattan courtroom. "I fear for my safety. I fear for my staff and people in my vicinity."

Ironically, the trial has provided Brady Green -- the Dublin, Ga., man accused of stalking Banks from coast to coast -- exactly what the prosecution says he wanted all along: to be closer to Banks.

If Green had accepted one of the non-jail plea deals that have been offered to him, Banks' testimony would not have been necessary and he would not have seen her in court.

Banks was the first witness to testify at the New York trial of Brady Green. The model was forced to relive the day she learned that her accused stalker walked into the Manhattan building where she tapes her TV show and told jurors how scared she still is, according to The New York Post.

“I feel extremely vulnerable,” said Banks, sporting a sleeveless tan dress and heels, the Post reported.

Green was arrested on March 18, 2008, near the studio where the daily "Tyra Banks Show" is taped . Banks told jurors she was just about to leave for the day when a staffer told her to stay put.

"'Stop! No! You can't leave,'" Banks said, recounting her staffer’s frantic warning. “I've never in my entire career had my staff react this way."

When police confronted Green at the studio, he told them, “"I know her. She knows me. We're good friends." He said he "came by bus (from Los Angeles) to see her."

"We had a thing together," court papers quote Green as telling police. "I sent her flowers. I sent her cards. Should I plead no contest? I've got satellites watching me and recording us."

Green was charged with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass. During the trial today, prosecutors said he also apparently threatened to slash the throat of an employee who refused to give him the address of the studio on West 26th Street, according to the Post.   

Green’s lawyer, Sydney O’Hagen, says her 38-year-old client is not a menacing stalker. He’s just an overzealous fan who simply answered Banks' Web site invitation for fans to reach out to her, O’Hagen said.

Banks doesn’t think Green’s motives are that innocent, telling the jury he was “aggressive” in trying to track her down. The model had to appear in court to testify she was emotionally distressed by Green’s advances, which are an element of the criminal charges against him.

What’s the worst part of the whole ordeal? "I like to spend time by myself," Banks told jurors, adding that she's had to hire extra security and has no time alone, according to the Post.

Green has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke, who is hearing the case without a jury.

Green has rejected several non-jail plea deals offered by the prosecution. If he had accepted the plea offers, Banks' testimony would not have been necessary and he would not have seen her in court.

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