Have a Furr-tastic Day

... by taking your dog to work. Seriously

Hate leaving your needy-looking canine friend at home during the workday? On Friday, June 26, you won't have to. Because it's Take Your Dog to Work Day. No, really.

Created by Pet Sitters International in 1999, the event encourages adoption of dogs from humane societies, animal shelters and breed-rescue clubs. Every year, employers are asked to celebrate by welcoming canines into the workplace and promoting pet adoptions.

By participating, your workplace will be joining forces with businesses, animal shelters, and pet-care professionals working to improve the lives of shelter dogs. Um, and also, it will be really, really fun. Unless you're a surgeon. In that case, please do NOT bring your dog to work.

Worried that celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day will be too distracting? Planners say that bringing dogs into the workplace boosts morale, creativity, employee relations, productivity and sales. Hey, Bo Obama has free roam of the workplace every day.

If your dog is too rambunctious for the workplace or your employer is allergic to dogs, don't fret! Your office can also can make a donation on behalf of shelter dogs.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is the culminating day in Take Your Pet to Work Week (June 22 to June 26), ensuring no hard feelings now that your cat can make a cameo in the office, too. Now sit down and get back to work, and we'll give you a treat.

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