Get Chelsea Handler Tix While You Still Can

The comedian-turned-E!-star is bringing hang-ups (and hangovers) to Warner Theatre.

She's got a show on E! Entertainment, like pretty much everyone who's ever sneezed in the direction of Hollywood. But comedian Chelsea Handler is hilarious anyway -- we mean, who can get away with admitting that she once considered teenage prostitution while summering on Martha's Vineyard? (OK, she chose baby-sitting, but still.)

AND she turned down Dancing With the Stars. So major bonus points right there.

On April 17, the author of "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" is coming to Warner Theatre (1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW). Tickets are $39.50-$45, but you'd better get 'em soon, because we're betting this one will sell out once everyone wakes up today post-Inauguration, with clenched stomachs and blinding headaches, and realizes there's nothing else left to look forward to.

'Cause, jokes about drinking problems are always funny. That's what Chelsea taught us.

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