FEMA Plays Pimp My Hurricane Trailer

So your home is gone, who cares if you get a blingy new shelter?

There's nothing like a little luxury to greet you after a natural disaster. Meet the new and improved FEMA trailers.

660 square feet of comfy federal relief, equipped with cozy front porches, a full kitchen and some rims. OK, no rims, but you can get your FEMA trailer in the very stylish Carolina blue or mint green.

''You are walking into something that feels like a conventional house. It's not a cramped trailer,'' Lexington Homes' Matt Riley told the Miami Herald.

Well, that is sure to make some people's lives a bit easier after a hurricane blows through and bulldozes their home. If you get one of these babies, you are bound to make MTV Cribs: the Hurricane edition.

Hurricane season officially starts June 1, and forecasters are predicting double-digit storms to threaten the state this year.

Besides looking a lot better than the ugly trailers that resembled old tin shacks, the new mobile trailers can withstand winds of 120 mph. But local officials fear that FEMA might not have enough ready to roll out when the disaster strikes. From the sounds of the specs, there might be people lining up to get a trailer even though their homes are intact.

The old trailers can still be used, if need be, but it might be hard to get a family to jump into those digs while they watch their neighbor living in pimpalicious luxury on the lot next door.

FEMA says they have thousands of the new $45,000 to $75,000 mobile shelters.

If they need more, we're sure Xzibit will hop back in the lab to pimp out some more (and work on those rims for us).

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