Et Tu, Screen on the Green?

HBO supposedly shutting down free movies on the Mall

We're hearing from our buddies over at We Love DC that Screen on the Green for 2009 has been CANCELLED! What's up with that? Did the National Mall finally get sick of 2,000 people doing the HBO Dance on their shriveled grass?

The National Park Service confirmed WLDC's report.  The NPS said the annual event has been canceled for this summer by HBO.

Here's what Don at We Love DC just said:

"A call to the hotline at 877-262-5866 still yielded the old 2008 schedule, but if you stay on the line all the way through you can get connected to consumer affairs. Representative Melana confirmed for me that the program had been cancelled. No word on if it will return."

And as shown in the comments below, Josh points out that there is a Facebook group trying to save Screen.  Check it out here.

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