Do That Michael Phelps

Soulja Boy Tell Em gave the world the Superman. The Cali Swag District taught people how to Dougie. Now Adam-Bomb wants the world to "Do That Michael Phelps."

Aspiring Rockville, Md., artist Adam-Bomb has created a song about fellow Marylander Michael Phelps, the most winningest Olympian in U.S. history.

"Why you call it Michael Phelps?" Adam-Bomb inquires, seemingly posing the question to himself. "Because I'm headed to the top/ I'm feeling just like Michael Phelps," Adam-Bomb answers.

Adam-Bomb inducts Phelps into a canon of athletes and entertainers named Michael, including Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, and Michael Strahan. In Adam-Bomb's order, Phelps leapfrogs other prominent Michaels, including Michael J. Fox and Michael the Archangel -- neither of whom merits a mention.

As for the dance itself, it's in part "the swim" from the 60s -- that boppy dance that involves twisting to the floor while holding your hand over your nose like scuba gear. The other part is all snap dance. Not quite as stripped down as Dem Franchize Boyz, but that's the idea.

Last week, Adam-Bomb invited friends and fans out to make it official: He recorded a music video for "Do That Michael Phelps" on the Rooftop at Rockville's Town Center as part of the SkyAtFive party series. No word yet on when that video drops -- or whether it will get Adam-Bomb the gold.

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