Watch: Waterspout Spotted Near Bay Bridge

WASHINGTON — A waterspout was seen near the Eastern Shore Tunnel and Bay Bridge on Saturday.

A tornado warning had been issued but has since been canceled.

“Waterspouts and tornadoes are different phenomenon; waterspouts tend to look menacing but are usually very weak if they make landfall,” WTOP’s Dave Dildine said. “They’re also difficult to predict because their circulations are so much smaller than tornadoes.”

Some drivers on the Eastern Shore between the Bay Bridge and Kent Narrows stopped along the roadside to watch the waterspout churn over the water but the storm otherwise had a minimal impact on traffic.

After the whirlwind dissipated, heavy rain washed across Route 50 near Queenstown.

Bay Bridge authorities briefly blocked the reversible lane on the west span of the bridge but that is a standard practice whenever it rains or it’s windy.

Watching a waterspout from the Bay Bridge was probably an unnerving sight for some drivers, but no crashes or other mishaps were reported other than the usual slow Saturday beach traffic.

NBC Washington’s Tom Lynch tweeted these videos:

WTOP’s Dave Dildine contributed to this report.

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