New Map Marks Fairfax Youth Crash Locations

WASHINGTON — A new map marks the locations of crashes involving young drivers in Fairfax County in 2016. The county is urging parents and youth to work together to stay off of next year’s crash map.

The map marks two fatal crashes, both which involved excessive speed.

The county also points to the silver lining among last year’s numbers.

Only 2 percent of youth crashes reported in Fairfax County in 2016 involved alcohol, and crashes involving 17-and 18-year-olds dropped by 100 compared to 2015.

Most teen drivers in all of these crashes wore seat belts, 97 percent.

Even with that good news, the dots speckle the map, marking the locations of 1,840 crashes involving youth drivers between 15 and 20 years of age.

Fairfax County is urging teens to not become a dot on this crash map by driving sober and avoiding distracted driving.

They’re also reminding parents and youth drivers that “distracted” includes texting while driving, and other behaviors that take focus from the road such as doing makeup or hair, talking to passengers or operating a GPS.

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