Craigslisters ISO Hot Inaugural Ball Dates

Women, men looking for tickets ... and more?

Do you desperately need to get your hands on an inaugural ball ticket, but have run out of normal options?

Why not pimp yourself out on Craigslist!

A quick glance online shows that some are doing just that. For example...

"Hey! So My friend and I really want to attend an official inaugural ball (preferably the youth ball or neighboorhood ball). But alas we have no tickets and we don't have 1000$ to be spending either since we are both college students.

About us: We are both 21 years old and really fun people. We have beautiful gowns already to wear. We both love Obama and helped out on the campaign. We are intelligent, so you can hold a conversation with us. We won't have sex with you, because we are classy. We just want to have fun and hang out with guys that are as happy as we are about Obama being our president! We are very fun and pretty hilarious girls. We both will be in DC thursday night and if you want to meet up with us and make sure were not crazy, I will tell you our location of where we will be partying tomorrow night. :)

Okay so I put up a photo of each of us.

if you only want one of us that is okay too. hopefully we will find two dates. we shall see."

If you're of the curious type, click here to see the pics.

While they're using their charm and good looks to woo potential ball-goers, others have the goods and are looking for a Mr. or Miss Right to accompany them.

Like this guy:

"I'm seeking a female date to accompany me (for free) to the official Youth Ball (the one broadcast live on MTV, with appearances by Obama and Biden) as well as the official Staff Ball (for campaign staff). I'm a fun, attractive former campaign staffer in his mid-twenties, with tickets and tuxedo ready in hand. The winner will be a beautiful, fun young lady who has emailed me with clear, indicative photos (very important!) and has told me persuasively why she should be my date for the Balls."

Fun?  Attractive? Former campaign staffer?  Sold!  Wait ... no picture?  Sounds shady to me, so perhaps I'll pass.

Anyway, check out some of the other postings by clicking here.

So are you going to any inaugural balls, official or otherwise?  If so, snap some pics, capture some video and send it in to us.  The address is  Send from your cell if you want.  Cool?  Cool.

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