Bo Obama's Book Deal Is An Insult To Ordinary Housepets

Publishers clearly more interested in celebrity than a good story

Bo Obama probably thinks he's pretty hot stuff, with his fancy book deal and his pretty necklace, but he should remember that just a few short years ago a Republican single mom also wrote a book about her life as the White House dog. And it was actually good.

Remember Millie, the Bush's springer spaniel? She became a bestselling author, more popular than President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush combined, before the pup perished pitifully of pneumonia.

Millie endured endless hours with the notoriously cranky first lady, dictating every single word of this very impressive hundred-plus-page tome that stayed on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list for half a year. It was a labor of love, and Millie knew all about labor because she had six puppies.

And now here comes this upstart, this puppy Bo Obama who has never suffered a day in his pampered life and who just magically gets a book deal, BOOM, basically the minute he lands in the White House. Like a lot of good-looking youngsters who realize early success in the publishing industry, Bo probably thinks he actually earned his fame. Sorry, Bo! Any friend of Ted Kennedy's has enjoyed quite enough perks already. Meanwhile, millions of gifted housepets without political or publishing connections slave over far better manuscripts that will never see the light of day.

Perhaps, like Bobby Jindal, Bo will rely heavily on a ghost writer to help with his memoirs. Or, like Meghan McCain, he'll carefully type out every last fatuous platitude all on his own. But in the end, Bo Obama's book will represent exactly what his owner claims to oppose: The triumph of the elite, the well-connected and the profoundly undeserving over those who actually have something to say.

Sara K. Smith's dog would love to show you his memoirs. His owner writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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