Artist Targets Madoff

Palm Beach man creates Bernie dart board

A Palm Beach artist is turning Bernie Madoff's face into target practice in a new piece that doubles as a dartboard.

Bruce Helander, inspired by the notorious Ponzi Schemer, created the piece after hearing stories from friends and acquantances who were wiped out by the scammer.

Though a good many of the ripped-off victims of Madoff were from Palm Beach, Helander himself never met or invested with the fraudster.

"This was way for an artist to communicate visually with his work, as a kind of political comment on this sad situation," Helander told WPTV.

The piece, "Bars and Stripes Forever," will be available as a limited edition print for $900 a piece. Some of the proceeds from sales will go to the "Autism Speaks" charity.

And Helander even says some of the buyers have been Madoff victims. 

"We can look at this as a part of history and make fun of the situation with a little bit wit and whimsy," Helander said. "A lot of people are looking at them as a kind of iconic souvenir of Palm Beach history."

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