Buy It Now: CelebBerry

Note to eBay sellers: When you’re selling a device with Natalie Portman's phone number in it, the ‘delete’ button is your friend.

A man who paid $23 for a Blackberry on eBay got considerably more than his money's worth. When he went to use the tiny device, he noticed the address book still held some of its former owner's data. And not just any data: Natalie Portman's phone number.

According to Britain's Daily Telegraph, by the time Kent Devey -- an insurance claims assistant -- scrolled through the whole thing, he recognized more than 50 names from the worlds of film, music, and TV. He could call up Julianne Moore, Jude Law, and Kevin Spacey and invite them all to brunch if he wanted to (that's what we would have done). But instead, he went all boy scout and reported the error to the eBay seller, who worked in film. The staffer's production company was so relieved, they rewarded Devey with tickets to Billy Elliott.

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