Mural of Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Going Up in DC

amanda gorman mural dc
Courtesy of Kelvin Robinson

Poet Amanda Gorman is larger than life, with her face on the side of a building in Washington, D.C. 

A mural showing Gorman, who recited a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, was being installed Sunday at 1608 17th St. NW. It’s a short walk from Dupont Circle. 

Artist Kaliq Crosby told News4 the building’s owner commissioned him to create the mural showing Gorman on Inauguration Day. 

“I’m honored to be the artist they chose to record that moment. It represents new energy and accountability,” he said. 

Crosby has painted a number of murals in D.C., including one showing the founders of Lee's Flower And Card Shop, a longtime Black-owned business on U Street NW. 

The mural of Gorman is set to be completed this month.

Los Angeles native Amanda Gorman delivers a poem at the Inauguration of Joe Biden.
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