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Pamela Anderson PETA Poster Banned in Montreal

Anderson ad sexist or sexy-savvy?



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    Is Pamela Anderson's PETA ad sexy-savvy or just plain sexist?

    “Baywatch” babe turned vegetarian activist Pamela Anderson is too hot for her native Canada.

    Montreal municipal authorities reportedly put the kibosh on Anderson’s plans to promote her latest People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals poster, which shows Anderson in a skimpy swimsuit and marked up as if she were a piece of meat.

    Anderson, 43, wanted to display the scintillating “All Animals Have the Same Parts” poster in a public square Thursday during a comedy festival.

    Instead, Anderson said she had to take the campaign indoors after authorities deemed the ad -- which labels some Anderson's most bankable features as “shoulder,” “breast,” and “rump” – more sexist than savvy.

    "It is not so much controversial, as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women," an official told

    Nevermind that a string of striptease joints lines a road visible to those on the so-called equality battlefield, notes the Hollywood Reporter.

    Anderson referenced as much in a statement following the dust-up.

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    "In a city that is known for its exotic dancing and for being progressive and edgy, how sad that a woman would be banned from using her own body in a political protest over the suffering of cows and chickens," the "Dancing with the Stars" alum told Us.

    She added: "In some parts of the world, women are forced to cover their whole bodies with burqas -- is that next? I didn't think that Canada would be so puritanical."