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Kristen Stewart Wants Twilighters To See Her Stripper Movie



    Kristen Stewart is branching off in a big way from her "Twilight" character with a stripper turn in "Welcome to the Rileys," but she's hoping to take her massive Bella Swan base with her.

    "This was different from any movie that I've ever done," she told MTV news at the Sundance Film Festival. "It just felt so completely right to be telling this story."

    Stewart is telling a lot of stories in 2010 and should be commended for stretching instead of just resting on the appeal of her mega-franchise character. Whether it's the upcoming "The Yellow Handkerchief" or her young-Joan Jett in "The Runaways," she is doing her best to avoid being Bella Swan forever. The "Riley" movie, also starring James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo as a broken couple caring for a wayward girl, has big potential.

    "Welcome to the Rileys" was actually shot before "Twilight" even came out. Stewart dances briefly in the film's strip club and curses frequently. That said, she still wants her young fans to see it.

    "It's very much an adolescent story," she told "At its core, it's a very adolescent story. What she goes through could happen to any girl."

    While she doesn't strip in the film, moviegoers will see a shot of the famous Bella-backside and a whole lot more than the norm of Forks, Washington. "The first time I put on all the fishnets [was intimidating]," she said.