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"I Am Eisenstadt"



    Filmmakers Dan Mirvish and Eitan Gorlin (think Laurel and Hardy as politicos playing off of each other), who perpetuated a media hoax during the 2008 election campaign under the guise of political operatives and parlayed their experience into a book called “I Am Eisenstadt: One Man’s (Wildly Inappropriate) Adventures with the Last Republicans”, are  revving up their game. The book launch party in D.C. earlier this year was held at the home of Joe Lockhart, press secretary during the President Bill Clinton adminstration.

    Gorlin, who was stranded in D.C. yesterday due to the snow storm, dished to Niteside about how their collabortion evolved.

    “I wrote and directed a feature film set in Israel called 'The Holy Land,' which won the 2002 Grand Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival, co-founded by Dan Mirvish,” he said.

    “A few years later while living in New York, I received a mass e-mail from Dan saying he was going to be at Times Square at a certain time," Gorlin said. "Out of the hundred or so people he sent the e-mail to, I was apparently the only one who showed up.  When I arrived, he greeted me with, 'Cool. Are you ready to shoot?' 'Shoot what?' I retorted, as I hadn't exactly read the e-mail. 'A promo for the video game I had someone design to help promote my latest musical indie.' So we on the spot came up with a character that I ad libbed.  When he sent me a cut version of what I did (first time I ever acted), we realized that we had something.

    "So the next time I was in L.A., we decided to shoot an entire short film around that character, 'Sheldon,' entitled 'Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize, oh really?' which went on to play at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and the Montreal Just for Laughs festival.

    "After that, we shot a string of anonymous fake Giuliani ads using that same character.

    "The ads created something of a buzz in the blogosphere as people tried to figure out who was behind these ads.  Were they really from the Giuliani campaign?  Was it part of a dirty trick campaign waged on behalf of one of his primary opponents?  When Giuliani dropped out, Sheldon grew a beard and morphed into Marty Eisenstadt, McCain advisor, strategist, pundit, lobbyist and all around Washington clown. The rest is history, as they say.”

    The duo is currently talking to producers about their next projects, which delve into the backstory of a Hollywood sex tape scandal as well as several documentaries.

    "'Sextape' interweaves the many worlds that share L.A. and tells the story of a plot to blackmail an Orthodox Jewish real estate developer responsible for investing a shady Russian oligarch's money," Gorlin said. "'Crash' meets 'Pulp Fiction' meets 'Lolita.'"

    He is also working with former heavyweight champion Michael Bennt, who played Sonny Liston in "Ali," on a boxing documentary, and he's working on a Jamaican gangster/Cold War intrigue period piece.