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God's Favorite Grunge Band Returns



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law

    Crud is returning as threatened. Er ... I mean Creed.

    Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday for Creed's August 21 show at Nissan Pavilion. Sadly, that's probably the right size venue for such a show. The band was immensely popular with the public in the late '90s and early '00s despite playing a generic regurgitation of grunge when even the first wave of grunge bands still around had abandoned the style, choosing growth instead. Shows you how daring the average listener's ear is in this country.

    The band broke up in 2004, and Jesusy frontman Scott Stapp pursued a fruitless solo career. Any hope that Stapp's pill-popping ways, which were blamed for the band's demise, might turn him into a decent songwriter like most drug addicts in the industry went unfulfilled. Maybe if he'd tried heroin…

    Meanwhile, the rest of the original four found a new frontman and formed Alter Bridge and tried to move toward metal. Unfortunately, neither pursuit yielded decent music. Fortunately, it pretty much dropped them all off the radar.

    Well, they're back. They're even threatening to release another album.

    So grab your rosaries, Creed fans, or whatever the hell it is you people accessorize with when you worship rock, and line up at your local box office by the light of a stinky patron saint jar candle Thursday night so you can get as close as possible to Stapp in August. He may not be able to walk on water, but maybe he'll surf your sweaty foreheads.