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Lights Out!



    Lights Out!

    This Saturday night, if all goes as planned, the planet will go dark from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.  Earth Hour.   

    Of course, the planet won't go dark because it isn't 8:30 everywhere at once, but wherever you are at 8:30, turn out the lights for one hour and make a statement on behalf of Mother Earth.  

    Earth Hour is an idea from the World Wildlife Fund to get people to turn off their lights for one hour to show their concern for climate change and to support solutions.   They hope to get a billion people in more than 1,000 cities to participate.   They're calling it a "vote for the Earth."    

    The lights will go out on Broadway, at the Great Pyramids and in 74 countries and territories around the globe.   Locally, Falls ChurchFairfax County,  Arlington, Baltimore and Fredrick County have all pledged to participate.   

    Go to the Web site and make your pledge.  The results of this participation will be presented to the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen later this year.  

    No, you don't have to turn off everything.   Just the lights.  But turn off the damn TV.  If the weather is nice, go outside.    The moon will be dark as well.    Light a candle and enjoy an hour of global communion.