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It's Time to Play Congressman

New online program let's you decide which government programs get cut



    It's Time to Play Congressman
    Democrats have Rep. Eric Cantor in their sights for pro-stimulus ads.

    Do you find a specific government program wasteful or useless? One Virginia Congressman wants to hear about it.

    House Minority Whip Eric Cantor is launching a program he calls “You Cut” on his website. Each week, he’ll list five programs that may be considered expendable; you can vote on which one should go. House Republicans will then vote on the programs that got the most online votes.

    “Washington has a spending problem,” Cantor told the Culpeper Star Exponent. "And both Democrats and Republicans bear some responsibility.”

    Democrats say “Cut It” doesn’t cut it with them, calling it a gimmick.

    “If they actually listened to the American people, Republicans would know that knee-jerk opposition, obstruction, delay and gimmicks are not a substitute for leadership,” Democratic National Committee press chairman Hari Sevugan told the paper.