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Rockville Considers Expanding Outdoor Smoking Ban

Council considers keeping smokers away from playgrounds

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    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Rockville leaders are considering adding parks to the list of places where smokers can't get their fix.

    Smoking is banned in restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Maryland. In Rockville, smoking also is banned at city pools, playing fields and dog parks. A proposal being discussed in Rockville would keep smoking 40 feet away from playgrounds at city parks and the young children who enjoy them.

    No fines or penalties would be enforced. It's a change in policy, not a new law.

    Supporters argue that smokers must be considerate of people around them who don't smoke, especially children, while opponents say smoking isn't illegal, so smokers shouldn't face so many restrictions.

    The City Council will consider the proposal Monday night.