Faces of USS Monitor Sailors Revealed 150 Years After Sinking

Forensic scientists hope reconstructed faces will help reveal identities

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    Faces of two unidentified sailors from the USS Monitor

    Their ship is part of history, but their names are still a mystery. 

    A big unveiling Tuesday at the Navy Memorial could bring new light to the identities of two sailors found in the USS Monitor wreckage.
    A ceremony was held to honor the sixteen who lost their lives 150 years ago.
    Two clay models sitting on the stage brought long gazes. They were faces reconstructed by forensic experts from skeletons found with the USS Monitor wreckage.
    Scientists hope descendants of the sailors will see the models and recognize them pictures they have at home.
    Efforts to identify the sailors from DNA have not worked. The samples did not match any known living relatives of the ship crews.