Woman Collapses, Dies at Blackhawks Game; Mother Had Similar Fate in 1986

Marguerite Kuhlman collapsed and died at the Blackhawks game Monday night. After Kuhlman slumped over in her seat, she was rushed to Rush Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. She was diagnosed with heart disease.

That would be sad enough on its own, we suppose, but here comes the weird part: According to Kuhlman's sisters Dorothy and Patricia, their mother also died at a Blackhawks game in 1986. Wild stuff:

Mildred Kuhlman died March 30, 1986, while attending a Blackhawks game at Chicago Stadium, Patricia Kuhlman said. "We've been hockey fans for many, many years," Patricia Kuhlman said. "People laugh at us because we're old ladies who like to go to hockey games."

This is certainly eerie but not necessarily sad. Here's hoping Dorothy and Patricia Kuhlman can still, despite the memories, somehow derive pleasure from their favorite sport. So many people say they want to die doing what they love, and now Marguerite and Mildred Kuhlman seem to have done just that.

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