Santana's a Horse

Horse named for Moss might run in Derby

Redskins fans can watch hopefully as Santana gallops down the long stretch of grass toward victory a lot sooner than this fall.

Santana Six is one of horse trainer Nick Zito's promising prospects.  After a recent victory at Florida's Gulfstream Park, Zito is leaving open the possibility of the horse heading to Kentucky for the Derby.

No doubt you're wondering what would inspire someone to name their horse after a Redskins receiver?  This one, especially. Why not Monk Nine-Forty, for example?

Well, as these things tend to do, it revolves around "The U."

Santana Six is owned by Hurricane Boys stables.

So what's next?  Portis Pacer?  RayRay Runner?  Irvin Snorter?

The Colt -- no, not the Indy kind, but the male kind with its manhood still attached -- is lightly raced.  That's something it's got in common with Moss, thanks to the lack of a deep passing game.

Zito says that the lack of experience might not be a problem.  "[T]imes have changed lately, and more and more lightly raced horses are running in the Derby nowadays. At this time of year, you never say never."

If the horse does make it, it could make for an interesting Derby Day.  Can't you just picture Santana and his crew hanging out in seersucker, sipping on some mint juleps?

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He cannot pull off the seersucker look.

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