Joe Gibbs' Wild Ride

Skins coach races, flips opponent's car

Joe Gibbs might seem like a nice elderly man, but when those competitive juices are flowing, beware.  He'll do whatever it takes to win, even crashing his car.

He took on one of his chief sponsors in a match race during an Arena Racing show in Hampton, Va.  The 69-year old Gibbs made one left turn after another, amazingly all without his blinker flashing.

After falling behind early, Coach Joe kicked it into gear.  A few laps in, he bounced off a wall, and saw a hole open up the way John Riggins used to.  He accelerated hard inside a turn, and nudged his opponent's left fender, flipping him over

With his opponent dazed, the feisty Gibbs rushed past him for the checkered flag.  Tony Stewart would've been proud.

For the coach, the race wasn't the biggest challenge of the day.  Squeezing into the jumpsuit was.

Gibbs, perhaps sympathizing with the Hogs, told the reporters at the press conference, "They gave me Tony [Stewart]'s uniform, and I've accused Tony of being a little overweight.  I got that thing on, and I'll be honest with you, I've got ... five people trying to zip it up."

There's no word on whether Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are considering their bulked-up former coach as the solution to their defensive line problems.  With his competitive fire, he might just be an improvement.

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