Quinn Expected To Get More Reps This Week

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The Brady Quinn Experiment looks to be nearly complete, and the fact that his head coach is talking about getting him more involved in practice sure doesn't show otherwise.

Browns head coach Romeo Crennel said yesterday that while current starting quarterback Derek Anderson isn't being demoted, Quinn will be getting more touches at practice in anticipation for his takeover of the National Football League, and possibly the world.

"We will definitely try to get the other guy [Quinn] ready and ready to go," Crennel said. "We'll see how it progresses from there. [It means] probably a few more reps in practice right now."

The Quinn talk started after Anderson threw three interceptions in Sunday's game against the Ravens. With the Browns facing off against the Bengals this weekend in the battle for the better 0-3 team, Crennel has to do basically anything to get a win unless he wants the entire crowd to be sporting brown paper bags (assuming they aren't already).

"I think what we have to do is evaluate it and do what's best for this team to try and win a game," Crennel said. "If [a quarterback change] is what it is, then that's what it needs to be if we decide that."

Well, like I said yesterday, the quarterback situation looks to be one of the black holes on this team right now. Anderson had an impressive 2007, but he's throw just two touchdowns to five interceptions this season and is sporting a quarterback rating of 43.5. That doesn't exactly scream starting professional football player.

Quinn said that he'll be ready if he gets the call, which is the same thing I say everyday but never get any call from NFL front offices. Jerks.

"Every week it's the backup's job to prepare to be the starter, so nothing's changed," Quinn said. "We've got a lot of things to work on. We have a lot of things to put together. Hopefully we can have another week of preparation and go into Cincinnati confident."

Umm, sure Brady. A lot of teams are just oozing with confidence when heading into Week four without a win. Actually, Roger Goodell will suspend you if you're anything but confident after three losses.

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