Catania Turns in Signatures to Qualify for November Ballot

Independent candidate for D.C. mayor David Catania turned in more than twice the number of voter signatures he needs to qualify for the November ballot Tuesday.

He turned in 7,000 signatures to the Board of Elections though he only needed 3,000. The councilman said he's wearing out shoes meeting voters.

Catania also took the opportunity to criticize Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser for so far refusing to appear with Catania or other candidates at any forums or debates until at least September.

Bowser's campaign told News4 it's focusing on winning in all eight wards.

Meanwhile, veteran D.C. politician Carol Schwartz, who jumped into the mayor's race late, was out collecting her signatures before the deadline Wednesday. She declined to say how many she's collected.

The former Council member has been out of office since 2008 but says voters are open to her independent campaign.

The signatures will be subject to public challenges over the next several weeks. A final ballot will be in place Sept. 8 for the Nov. 4 election.

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