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Pepper Spray Attacks Reported in DC's Meridian Hill Park

At least four victims have come forward so far to report attacks, police say

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U.S. Park Police are investigating a series of attacks involving a man posing as an officer and assaulting victims at night in D.C.'s Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X Park.

Victims told police a man shined a light in their faces and identified himself as an officer. Then, he assaulted them with pepper spray, a flashlight or both.

Four victims have come forward and reported attacks so far, police say. They suspect there may be more. The assaults have occurred since 2018, Park Police said. The most recent attack took place in March.

The motive is unclear, police say. No items were taken and no serious injuries were reported.

U.S. Park Police urge anyone with information to call 202-610-8730.

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