Westboro Baptist Plans Protest at AU

American University won't allow members of Westboro Baptist Church on campus Friday when the group plans to picket the school.

Church members plan to gather Friday at 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW from 4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. to confront AU students.

Westboro informed the university of its plans.

"The group is not invited or sponsored by AU," President Neil Kerwin said in a statement released Friday. "They are permitted to be on public property, but they will not be permitted on the university's campus, which is private property.

"We condemn the intolerant positions and uncivil actions of this group, even as we respect their freedom of expression," Kerwin said.

Westboro Baptist is famous for protesting military facilities and funerals of military personnel, saying the U.S. "has made God her #1 enemy."

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