Slime Craze Causing Glue Shortage

A crafting craze spreading across the country is leading to shortages of glue.

Bottles of glue are flying off store shelves and retailers can't stock it fast enough because of slime.

"We have been out of stock and there was really a run of it," Rodman's Discount Food & Drug owner Roy Rodman said.

Some Wegmans locations also are out of stock.

Glue is one of three ingredients to make slime, along with borax and water, and kids are loving it.

Elmer's Glue told News4 it's "indeed seen a surge in sales thanks to the slime craze." Glue sales actually doubled.

Elmer's said it had to increase production.

A warning for parents of kids making slime: Make sure they throw it away when they are done instead of pouring it down the drain. Many parents are calling plumbers about clogged drains.

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