Sister Finds ‘Secret' Brother After 23 Years Searching

A 48-year-old woman has been anxiously waiting to meet her brother for the first time.

News4’s Shomari Stone reported Stacey Bertotti has been waiting for 23 years after discovering she had a brother who was put up for adoption before she was born. She was able to experience her special moment at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Thursday night.

“I'm shaking right now, because it is getting really close,” Bertotti told Stone. “I'm exhausted but I'm excited. It's that crazy adrenalin.”

Bertotti said 27 years ago, her mother told her about a son she had to put up for adoption in the mid-60s when she was a single parent.

“I always felt I had a brother. But I never knew.”

With not much information to go on, Bertotti began her search four years after her mother's shocking revalation. Each search came up empty until a friend recently found him in Atlanta.

On Thursday night, Mike Ellington flew in to D.C., and brother and sister met for the very first time. After decades apart, the two plan on staying up, sharing photos and catching up well into the night.

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