Police Hunt Columbia Heights Kicking Bandit

Man kicks women near Metro station

WASHINGTON -- Police are investigating another crime near the Columbia Heights Metro Station.

We guess it could be worse, but what we know is someone has been kicking women's shins during the morning commute. Two apparently random and definitely bizarre attacks have taken place in the past five days, near the east entrance to the station, News4's Michael Flynn reported.

"Basically, the gentleman, for no apparent reason, is just walking up and kicking them," said D.C. Police Inspector Jacob Kishter.

Investigators believe the culprit is a homeless person with mental issues, according to Kishter.

"He's walking up and basically doing like a sidekick, what we call a sidekick, kicking the complainants in the shins, and then he's walking away like he didn't do anything," Kishter said.

The attacks have bruised the victims.

"This is so strange, and obviously this is a real problem with whoever's doing this," said crime-fighting Ward 1 councilman and hero Jim Graham.

Investigators will show the victims a photo lineup in hopes of identifying a suspect martial artist.

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