Photo Problems Reported at Virginia DMVs

DMV says problem isn't widespread

We've received several e-mails from people saying there was a problem at Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle stations that did not allow photos to be taken for driver's licenses. Like this:

"Saturday and today the DMVs were pretty much closed because the cameras that take your pictures were not working. Apparently they didn't work yesterday either. It's at all DMVs so it's a State thing. Any ideas how long this will last?"

So we put a call in to the DMV, which said there is a problem, but it's only intermittent.

Spokeswoman Melanie Stokes said the problem is happening in only about 10 percent of driver's license transactions. She said the problem is with a computer system that is run by the Virginia Information and Technology Agency and not by the DMV.

The DMV hoped to have the problem solved by Tuesday afternoon. Stokes said that if a customer comes back later in the day the transaction can be processed without a problem.

Of course, there was no word on whether people would have to stand in a long line again or not.

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