Montgomery Co. Deputies Say They're Close to Arresting Silver Spring ‘Neighbor From Hell'

Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies are getting closer to arresting a man who has allegedly terrorized a Silver Spring neighborhood for years.

Socrates Kondilis has harassed residents repeatedly since moving there in 2010, deputies said.

Neighbors have been hoping for an arrest for years. They have installed security cameras, requested legal action and paid thousands in attorney fees.

"He's been the neighbor from hell," George Buckland said.

Deputies hoped they would finally be able to serve an arrest warrant Tuesday. 

They planned to nab Kondilis in his home after tracking him down Tuesday afternoon, but arrived to find the home empty. However, deputies said they have an idea where Kondilis is hiding. They will resume their search Tuesday night.

Buckland said he installed cameras to prove Kondilis targeted his property. Footage allegedly showed Kondilis blocking Buckland's driveway with a truck and ripping down his fence.

Kondilis was the subject of a peace report filed by Buckland. The order was violated, and Kondilis was ordered by a judge to go through anger management courses.

But Kondilis never went to the anger management classes. He falsified documents to reinforce the lie that he went, a violation of the law, authorities say.

Kondilis failed to show up for sentencing, and that's what led deputies in his direction Tuesday.

He faces up to four years in prison.

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