$2,000 Mistake: Metro Posts Mislabeled Signs

Upon peeling off mislabeled, brand new signs at Metro Center, WMATA officials exposed a "legacy" sign, also donning incorrect Metro stops.

The new signs were installed during the past few days, adding Metro's stops along the soon-to-be opened Silver Line. However, the signs at Metro Center incorrectly labeled the Blue Line as going all the way to East Falls Church. News4's transportation reporter Adam Tuss reported the issue to WMATA Tuesday morning.

Tuss noticed the issue on 13 signs at the Metro Center station's Blue and Orange Line platforms. 

Shortly after Tuss' report, Metro workers ripped off the "applique" signs -- which cost $150 each -- revealing old Metro maps sans the Silver Line. 

The problems, however, continued. The old signs -- which are permanently drawn onto the station's pylons -- are outdated. They had the Blue Line traveling to Huntington. 

As a temporary fix, Metro officials covered the incorrect pylons. 

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