Maryland Church Struggling to Rebuild After Fire, Vandalism

Months after a church was destroyed by flames, its congregation is still struggling to rebuild because of vandalism at the church.

Worshipers at New Mt. Olivet Apostolic Church in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, have been holding services at a nearby fire station since a fire in January.

Every week they pack into a room at the fire station and sing and worship just as they always have. 

"We’re gonna remain a family regardless of what the consequence, or what the situation is," church member Cheryl Clarke said.

But they also wish they could be back at their church.

"We talk about that every day in my house. We just want to get back into church," said church member Seymour Clarke.

To add to the devastation of the fire, vandals have been breaking into the church, leaving behind trash and stealing parts.

"Sad. I’m holding back tears," Pastor Hopeton Mair said.

Mair said the extra damage means extra bills the church cannot afford to pay.

"It causes us to go through more traumatic experience and it hurts. And the damage is vast and we need help, " Mair said.

Despite everything, church members say they don't have hate for the people who committed the vandalism.

"That’s just how low these people are. But we have to pray for them. And we have to forgive them," Mair said.

"Some people, they don’t know better, so we’re gonna love them just the same," Clarke said.

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