Maryland Boy's Presents Stolen From 10th Birthday Party

What to Know

  • Presents for 10-year-old Jabril Crossman were kept in a designated place at a Sky Zone Trampoline Park.
  • At the end of the party, employees told his mother they had surveillance video of someone else taking the presents.
  • The presents were returned after News4's report, but police still want to charge the thief.

A Maryland boy had one of the best parts of any birthday party taken from him when someone stole all his presents.

Assiatu Crossman, of Montgomery County, said it was the last big birthday party her son Jabril was going to have for a while so they decided to go all out. She paid almost $500 to throw her son's 10th birthday party at a Sky Zone Trampoline Park May 7.

When they got to the park, they were told there was a specific place for presents.

“A tall shelf right there with the kid’s name on it,” Crossman said.

More than two dozen children showed up with gifts. Jabril was excited about the party at Sky Zone but even more excited about opening his gifts, his mother said.

“He kind with one of his friends, ‘Oh, this is heavy. I bet there are a lot of Lego pieces in there,’” she said.

But when the party ended the gifts were gone. Employees told her a family was seen on surveillance video stealing the presents, Crossman said.

She struggled to break the news to her son.

“He was very sad and then he said, ‘Well, maybe they need the gifts. Maybe we should just let them have it,'” Crossman said.

Shortly after News4 reported the crime Tuesday, the gifts were returned, but police are still looking for the thief, who faces several theft charges.

A manager at Sky Zone said they are cooperating with police but they're not responsible for stolen items.

Sky Zone released a statement saying, “What happened at our park was extremely unfortunate, and we are doing everything in our power to work with the police to find the perpetrator.”

Police said it is an ongoing investigation.

“It's not about the gifts," Crossman said. "It's just the fact that somebody would steal from a 10-year-old.”

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