Jumbotrons to be Located Across National Mall

Inauguration-goers can watch big screens

There will be at least 20 Jumbotrons available on the National Mall to watch President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony.

The big-screen TVs will be located between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.  The following locations have been announced, although there could be more added:

  • Capitol to 4th St: 4 Jumbotrons
  • 4th St.to 7th St.: 2 Jumbotrons
  • 7th St. to 14th St.: 5 Jumbotrons
  • 14th St. to 17th St.: 6 Jumbotrons
  • 17th St. to Lincoln Memorial: At least 3 Jumbotrons

There will be no big-screen TVs located along the parade route.  So if you're making a choice between watching the parade and watching the swearing-in ceremony, use this knowledge to your advantage...

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