Indicted Baltimore Mayor Saddened by Obama Snub

Mayor Sheila Dixon may understand politics one day

For one of his many Abraham Lincoln stunts, then-President-elect Barack Obama made his way to Washington for last month's inauguration on an "old-fashioned" Amtrak train from Philadelphia. Along the way he made stops in Wilmington -- to pick up Joe Biden, who only rides trains for transportation -- and Baltimore.

He praised the local mayors in his Philadelphia and Wilmington speeches, but not in Baltimore. That's because the mayor of Baltimore was arrested earlier in the month, duh, but nevertheless, she is very sad, and Barack Obama is a sexist.

On January 9, Baltimore joined Detroit and Hartford in the exclusive "Destroyed, Depressing American Cities With Indicted Mayors" club. Mayor Sheila Dixon, who had been under investigation for some time -- her house was raided last fall -- was indicted on twelve (12) counts. These counts weren't even that fancy, just tacky, embarrassing stuff. For example: "Among the accusations are that she stole gift cards intended for needy families." Well, tough economy, anything goes, etc.

But things are what they are, and obviously Barack Obama was not going to mention her in his speech. Fox News would have called him a communist or something!

Still, Dixon is very, very hurt:

Dixon tells WJZ-TV it was a "lonely" feeling not to be mentioned by Obama, Congressman Elijah Cummings or Gov. Martin O'Malley. [...]

Dixon says she was "floored" by that [gift card] accusation and says it isn't true. She says she cried in front of her staff after learning she'd been indicted because she was surprised and embarrassed on their behalf.

And Obama just had to rub it in. Why does Barack Obama not love Sheila Dixon?

Jim Newell is an indicted writer for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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