Fewer Educators, Larger Classes in Fairfax County

Steep budget cuts prompt cuts in the classroom

The new Fairfax County Schools budget makes deep cuts across the board.  The school board adopted the fiscal year 2010 budget and it now moves to the county board.

The budget will cut 248 jobs within the school system.  Class sizes in elementary, middle, and high schools will be larger, and Fairfax County officials say programs and services will be cut.  The budget also calls for a salary freeze for all school employees.

To further complicate the cuts, the school system expects 5,000 more students to enroll next year.  That will cost the county an estimated $40 million, at a time when state revenues are expected to drop between 15 and 20 percent.

The 2010 budget is $10.3 million less than 2009, leaving $500 less per student.

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