Father Will Never Give Up Search for Missing Hoggle Children

Mother remains incompetent to stand trial

Troy Turner has never given up hope that his children, Sarah and Jacob Hoggle, will be found alive, but after four years, hope fades.

Their mother, Catherine Hoggle, was arrested in their September 2014 disappearance in Germantown, Maryland, and has spent three years in a state psychiatric hospital. Hoggle told Montgomery County police she left Jacob and Sarah with a friend but has never given details on their whereabouts.

“Now, here we are four years later, and she's been indicted on a double homicide, and we don't have my kids home in any way, shape or form,” Turner said.

State doctors have determined that Hoggle is not competent to stand trial. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before the kids disappeared.

“Catherine Hoggle is an ill woman, who is sitting in a hospital, who also doesn't have her children, and she is presumed innocent,” said her attorney, David Felsen.

Turner has participated in countless vigils and searches over the years and tried to keep Sarah’s and Jacob’s sweet smiles in the media.

“Until the day I die or they are found, I will be looking for my kids,” Turner said.


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He said their disappearance left a deep hole in his life.

“The worst ones are when you have that dream that feels real, and they’ve come home and I’m laying in bed cuddling with them and they're in my arms and I wake up and they're not there, and I realize they’re never going to be again,” he said.

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