Fake Cash Rained Down Over Annapolis Bars

Police release pictures of counterfeit suspect

A man in Annapolis recently ended his weekend in a way most of us would like to start it: He managed to get several cases of beer for free.

If that sounds too good to be true, or even legal, that's because it is. The man paid for the beer using counterfeit cash at bars and restaurants, according to authorities.

The culprit allegedly went into at least five restaurants and bars the night of March 21 and asked for six-packs of Heineken or Corona. Police said he paid for each case of beer with a fake $100 bill, got change, and left before the bar employees realized the money was counterfeit.

He apparently added insult to injury by tipping one of the bartenders with his fraudulently-obtained change, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Now, authorities are the ones looking for tips -- to help find this guy. Anyone who's seen the man in the surveillance photos should contact the Annapolis Police Department.

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